Honors Web Application Requirements

Another assignment in my CPSC 430: Software Engineering course was to gather requirements for a different implementation group. Myself along with 3 other students were in charge of gathering requirements for an honors program web application. In order to get the requirements, we needed to meet with the client. Once meeting with the client to discuss the ideas for the project, we planned out this document! I learned a lot about how to talk to someone to understand what they’re thinking. If possible, I would’ve loved to gather more feedback from the client and establish more constant communication.


Check out the Honors App Requirements!



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What’s For Dinner: Project Plan

Prior to the implementation for What’s For Dinner, we were tasked with creating a project plan. Within the project plan, we finalized our requirements and developed a schedule for implementation. Prior to completing the document, I wish I had a more accurate timeline for each task. I had never developed an application like this before and there was a small learning curve.

Check outĀ  the Whats For Dinner Project Plan!

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What’s For Dinner?

For my final senior project, I worked with a small group with 3 other studentsĀ  to develop an Android application. Our client asked for an application that would store recipes and generate a grocery list from your weekly selected recipes. We created two versions of the app, one that did utilized a database and other which was self-contained. While we only had one semester to complete this, we would’ve made it self-contained in the beginning then added more fun features or a better interface.

Check out an old demo of the app below!

My main contributions were the development of the ‘Search’ function as well as the grocery list!


Check out the Github repo for the code!

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Federal Crime Shiny App

As apart of my Data Analytics class, I created a Shiny web app using RStudio and shinyapps.io to create a visual model of my research. Using the FBI Federal crimes data set, I explored correlations between types of crimes and populations by years. Prior to this class, I was unfamiliar with R and there was a small learning curve. Creating a Shiny app was really cool to have something interactive to show while presenting my research. If I had the chance, I would’ve had multiple types of graphs to show my results.

Check out my Github for the code!

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Good Boy GBA Game

In my Computer Systems and Architecture class, we were tasked with creating our own Game Boy Advance game! I created a GBA titled ‘Good Boy’ that is a side scrolling game. The game’s objective is for the small dog to jump over fire hydrants, similar to Google’s Dino Runner game. To play, just use your left and right arrow keys to move and space bar to jump. It was challenging working on this game alone. While we were given the option to work with someone, I wanted to try my hand at making it alone! It was fun creating the sprites, but if I had more time during the class I would’ve make a better background and implemented a title screen.

Check out my GitHub for the code and how to play!


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